About Me

I am Sebly.

I am a nature and animal lover. Nature and wildlife fascinate me intensely. From my attraction to animals and nature, I constantly try to learn about animals and nature. Blogging is my hobby. I opened this blog site to share my knowledge and experience with everyone.


Educational Qualification

I chose the subject of Zoology for graduation because of my love for wild animals. After completing a four-year honours course in Zoology, I completed a one-year Master’s degree in the subject of Entomology.

Maybe it is because of my hard work and love for animals that I got first class results in my graduation and post-graduation.

My Achievements

I got third place in the National Science Fair, which is a major achievement in my life.

Currently, I am a government employee. I work in an electricity supply company under the Ministry of Power division of the Government of Bangladesh.

Most of my time is spent with my job and family. Where free time is scarce. Even then, I study wildlife whenever I have free time. Reading books is like my addiction.

I always try to learn something new with animals in my free time. To share my knowledge and experience with everyone, I have created a blog site called Familiarity with Animals (FWA). I also have two YouTube channels. My YouTube channel, Familiarity with Animals (FWA), has reached the 1.45 million subscriber mark. Another channel’s name is Animals of Wild, which has almost 58k subscribers till now.

My YouTube Channel Reached 1.45M Subscribers milestone. 

My Blog site. This site was created for writing blogs in Bengali language. Which is my mother language.

My second YouTube Channel. Which Reached 58.5k Subscribers milestone. 

My Address

2/A, Alaoul Avenue

Sector-8, Uttara-1230

Dhaka, Bangladesh